Animal Control

If you are looking for your lost dog or wanting to adopt a dog, then you may want to contact our animal shelter at 479-752-7235. You can schedule a time to come to claim your lost dog, or meet the one who is perfect for you. Our shelter is open Monday through Friday 7 am to 4 pm. It is located at 985 Austin Ave., Decatur, AR 72722.

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Contact Info

Johnnie Janes
Animal Control
985 Austin Ave, Decatur, AR 72722


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to register my dog or cat?

By City of Decatur Arkansas Ordinance citizens who live inside the city limits must register their pet dog yearly. All dog that are three (3) months or older have to be registered.

Cats are not required to be registered, however to keep the feral population down, we do ask that our cat owners please consider having your cat spayed or neutered. Also, it is state law that you have your dog or cat vaccinated for Rabies.

If I have to register my dog, how much will it cost?

To register a pet dog that has been spayed or neutered, the price is $10 per pet. 

To register a pet dog that is unspayed or unneutered, the price is $25 per pet.

Where can I register my dog at?

You may come to the Decatur Municipal Building located at 310 Maple Avenue, Decatur, AR 72722 to fill out the application and receive the tag. However, please be sure to bring proof of current rabies vaccinations, and proof that the dog has been spayed or neutered.

How do I get in contact with the Animal Control Officer?

Our Animal Control Officer is Johnnie Janes and he can be reached Monday thru Friday from 7 am to 4 pm at 479-752-7235.


Does the city have an ordinance on cats?

The City of Decatur does not have an ordinance on cats.

Does the City have a TFR (Trap, Fix, Release) program?

The City does not have a TFR (Trap, Fix, Release) program. We do ask our citizens to please help us keep the feral cat population down by having your cat spayed or neutered.

Where is the animal shelter located?

Our animal shelter is located at 985 Austin Ave, Decatur, AR 72722.


Are backyard chickens allowed?

Backyard chickens are allowed within the city limits. Roosters are prohibited. The chickens must be kept within the coop or enclosure at all times, and the size of the closure must be 110 square feet. All hen enclosures shall be placed at least 25 feet from neighboring dwellings and property lines and must be located in the backyard.

Within in the 110 square feet, there must be 90square feet for a run and 20 square feet for the hen roosting area. The enclosure must be built with wire mesh of 1 inch by 1 inch openings. The enclosure must be kept in a neat and sanitary condition at all times. It must be cleaned on a regular basis to prevent odors. All food containers shall be kept in a suitable container with a tight fitting lid to prevent all rodents from accessing the feed. 

Backyard chickens are for personal use only. The selling of chickens, eggs or chicken manure, or the breeding of chickens for commercial purposes is prohibitied.


Decatur Animal Shelter
985 Austin Ave
Decatur, Arkansas 72722

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