Museum & Library

The City of Decatur has two amenitities that are a great place to visit! The first is the Decatur Depot Museum. The museum is a train depot that was built in 1910 and was a place where fruit was shipped out, packages such as Singer sewing machines were shipped in and passengers could ride from town to town. The train depot sits near a track that is known for the Kansas City Southern Railways at one time. Now it is the Canadian Pacific and Kansas City Southern(CPKCS)-two historic railways-that is now the first single line rail network connecting Canada, the United States, and Mexico. 

For more information on the great company of CPKCS click here!

The second amenity the city offers is the Iva jane Peek Public Library also known as the Decatur Public Library. It started out in the Kansas City Southern Depot, but when the City acquired the old Post Office building that sets at the corner of Hwy 59 and Falling Springs Road, the name was changed. It is named after a beloved lady who was a teacher in the Decatur School Systems-Iva Jane Peek. 

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